Pontaby Roll of Honour

These pages are a little tribute to the show success of our own cats, both past and present, and those we have bred. There are five seperate pages, at present representing five of the six main colours of Abyssinian; Usual, Sorrel, Blue, Lilac and Fawn. Please click on the side links to access each colour.

We are very proud to list the following GCCF titled cats under our prefix. We are extremely proud to be the breeders of the very 1st Neuter Abyssinian to win an Olympian title, and are also delighted to be able to list one UK Grand, three Imperial and a further nine Grand titled cats among these:

UK & Olympian Bronze Imperial Grand Premier
Pontaby Ferragosto, 23

Imperial GrCh & GrPr Pontaby Fragola, 23a
Imperial Grand Premier Pontaby Pasticcio, 23a
Champion & Grand Premier Pontaby Campanula, 23c
Grand Champion Pontaby Romeo, 23a
Grand Champion Pontaby Fortuna, 23
Grand Champion Pontaby Enrico, 23
Grand Champion Pontaby Alessandro, 23
Grand Champion Pontaby Agosto, 23
Grand Champion Pontaby Viviana, 23
Grand Premier Pontaby Penelope Pitstop, 23
Grand Premier Pontaby Finata, 23a
Champion Pontaby Cadenza, 23a
Champion Pontaby Parma Viola, 23d
Champion Pontaby Luciana, 23
Champion Pontaby Paperina, 23
Premier Pontaby Favilla, 23
Premier Pontaby Montagna, 23e
Premier Pontaby Isabella, 23a
Premier Pontaby Toffoli, 23e
Premier Pontaby Fiamma, 23a

We would like to thank the owners of these Pontaby babies for showing them, and of course all their judges for awarding them.