Below are some cat related links, some other breeders and some interesting links to cat clubs and organisations. Please click on the links to view the websites (each link will open in a new browser window).

Abyssinian Breeders:

Abychat Abyssinians -
Ravottersgaarde Abessijnen -
From A'far Abessijnen - www.abyssinians.from.afar
Glendavan Abyssinians -
Khabasha Abyssinians -
Linczozo Abyssinians -
Lovely-Asta Abessijnen -
Magleco Abyssinians -
Rintinaby Abyssinians -
Syrinx Abyssinians -

Abyssinian Cat Clubs:

The Abyssinian Cat Club -
The Abyssinian Cat Association -

Scottish Cat Clubs:

The Scottish Cat Club -
West of Scotland Cat Club -

Other Cat Orginations:

Governing Council Of The Cat Fancy -
Feline Advisory Bureau -
Cat's Protection -

Other Links:

Abyworld -
Krissi Lundgren Photography -