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About Pontaby Kittens

All of our kittens are raised in our home as part of the family, they are socialized and handled from a young age. We only breed from our females once every 9-12 months, to ensure that they are not over-bred.

Owning a pedigree cat is not for everyone, and we expect our prospective owners to undertake a strong responsibility in owning one of our cats. If we agree to re-home a kitten with you, you will have proved that you are serious about looking after our kittens for the duration of their lives.

The majority of our kittens are re-homed as loving family pets, though we may try to encourage new owners to show their kittens if we think that they could do well. We do not generally re-home our kittens for breeding purposes and all pet kittens are neutered before leaving for their new homes. However if you are genuinely interested in breeding pedigree cats, please be honest from the outset and we will be happy to discuss it.