Pontaby Lucifer


Usual Abyssinian (ABYn)

Son of our most recent stud cat Angus (GrCh Pontaby Agosto) and Julie (Ch Syrinx Julietta), Lucifer is from the last litter we bred before taking a break from breeding.

Over our many years of breeding, there have been many kittens who looked very promising, but you cant keep them all. So from what was to be the last litter for a while, I promised myself I would keep the 'best one' as a show neuter.

Lucifer, was the resulting choice. He has very promising type so far and the sweetest nature (despite his devilish name), so naturally he's going to be spoiled rotten.

Lucifer did well on the show bench as a kitten but stepped it up a notch once he reached 11 months and got his first Best of Variety award at his very first adult show.