Champion Pontaby Agosto


Usual Abyssinian (23)

Introducing another handsome One Shot son who may be in line to inherit his Dad's studly status.

Angus is also the son of our recently retired girl Xena (Pontaby Fortuna) and he is already showing that he is taking after her in body and head shape. He is looking to be bigger in size than both of his parents however, with big feet that are promising a lot more growing to come.

You would expect a good temperament from a son of One Shot, but Angus also has his mother's affectionate nature. He has already proved himself on the show bench by charming the judges and winning his Championship title in three straight shows.

He will not be available for outside stud work for a while, but maybe in a few years once he has had grown up a bit.

Angus carries the sorrel colour gene.